Wedgewoods Whistler

At CVC Custom Builders, we’re proud to be the leading luxury home builder in Wedgewoods Whistler. Our portfolio of custom homes speaks to the bespoke craftsmanship and thoughtful design that goes into each property. Whether you’re seeking your dream home or an investment opportunity, discover the epitome of elevated living with a custom home in Wedgewoods Whistler.

First Wedgewoods Property Built


Experience Wedgewoods luxury in our inaugural project. With breathtaking mountain views, a spacious kitchen, and an outdoor sauna, this residence defines high-end living in Whistler. Crafted for both functionality and luxury, every detail reflects the essence of custom home design.


Elevate your lifestyle in Wedgewoods.




Wedgewoods II


Our second custom home in Wedgewoods is well underway. This beautiful home features a wraparound deck and panoramic lake views. We seamlessly integrate luxury with nature, offering an expansive outdoor space to savour the tranquillity of Wedgewoods Whistler.


Welcome home to Wedgewoods, where every detail is crafted for a life well-lived.




Wedgewoods III


Embarking on the next chapter, our most recent project in Wedgewoods is breaking ground. As the foundation takes shape, we're crafting a residence that will redefine living in Wedgewoods.

Stay tuned for a creation that goes beyond the ordinary, a testament to our commitment to excellence in custom home building. Wedgewoods is not just a location; it's a lifestyle, and our upcoming project will embody the essence of elevated living.